2012 Adventure

If you are thinking of coming to Prince Edward Island this summer than make the trip up east to Souris and check us out …. you will not be disappointed!!!… we start the season of with a Lobster fishing adventure in May and June that entails lots of hand on and educational about how the lobster fishery works on PEI….might even try a few to see how they taste?…. When the sunny days of July hit we begin our Clamming season … this was a huge hit in the summer with many saying there would return….this adventure we sample many of the species of the wonderful shellfish that inhabit our beautiful waters including clams, oysters, mussels and get a educational on all of them…. Usually around the end of July the Bluefin tuna show up in our waters until the end of Oct…if your not familiar with the Bluefin Tuna , there without a doubt the most powerful and number one game fish in the waters!… they grow to be a large as 1500lbs (record 1496 caught of North Lake ) … If you enjoy sport fishing or just anything exhilarating in general then you must come to Prince Edward Island and try a Giant Bluefin Tuna!!! …Check some of my videos out http://www.youtube.com/user/peitunafishin?feature=mhee

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