Lobster season 2013

I has been quite a year to date …we started of not knowing the price of lobster …..we landed our first weeks worth of lobster not even knowing what we were gonna get payed for our fish???? ….Yah i know it make no sense at all but unfortunately that is the way it has worked but I think it is going to change in the near future….the catch were coming in very good and it looked like we were gonna have a good season price and fish wise….Then the buyers made the announcement that no one wanted to hear , they were gonna pay the same prices that we got 20 years ago ???…. the only problem is that the cost have quadrupled in the last 20 years ….the fisherman decided they weren’t going for that so we tied our boats up for a week…..We hit the waters yesterday and hauled our traps for the first time in a week but it still remains to be seen wether we are gonna get a better price or not????…I will keep you posted!


Capt . Darren

March Storm

Its hard to believe in 6 short week our lobster firhery will be underway for the 2013 season. We were hit very hard this past weekend with one of the worse storms of the season. There was almost 35 cm come down in one nite and then the winds picked up the next day shutting down most of the Island . Sure sign that the spring is coming soon is the fisherman have begun to put there traps on the wharfs for the spring season . I will begin this week hopefully . Anyways heres a few pics from our storm . Hope to see you in the spring on our lobster fishing adventure !

Capt Darren

Mexico 2013

Just got back from a amazing trip to Mexico. The weather was amazing a little cool at night but other than that it was perfect. Our taxi driver was telling us that it only rains four or five times a year and it was nine months since it rained the last time ???? Sounds like a great place to live . The harbour was filled with charter boats and they were very busy every day which is great to see . Spoke to one of them and the said that the marlin were running and it was good fishing ! Would of loved to go but could get awy from the family. The most interesting thing though was the fact that when you were only about a half mile offshore you were in 5000 ft of water ???? WOW thats what I thought. Anyways hope evryone is gearing up for there summer vacations and make us Paradise On the Sea Adventures apart of it !

Capt. Darren

Winter 2013

Hello everyone ….Just wanted to let everyone know that winter is goin well on the Island ….Cold and lots of snow but great other than that …..I hope everyone is gearing up for a trip to PEI and maybe a adventure with Paradise On The Sea Adventures …. We had a very successful season in 2012 and we are looking forward to the summer to catch a giant Bluefin tuna and to hit the sandbars for some feast of the yummy giant bar clams ….Book early to guarantee you spot ….See you in the summer !

Captain Darren

Johnson Shore Inn

Had the privilege of entertaining Julie Shore from the PEI Distilery from the north side of PEI today …. We were joined by her lovely cousin and a nice family from Toronto …. The clamming was not the greatest because of a huge breeze of wind yesterday day but we did manage to get enough for everyone and Julie got some to take home ….Just wanted to mention to anyone who might be traveling to the Island and is looking for a very nice place to stay please check out the Johnson Shore Inn… It is a hidden gem on a private point on the north shore only about a ten minute drive from Souris and us Paradise On The Sea Adventures…. Have a great summer and I hope you can fit us into your schedule!


Capt. Darren