July 6th

Had a couple great trips yesterday aboard the Pair-A-Dice….Meet a lot of great people from the US and Canada but the highlight of the trip would have to be when we were able to get a older couple 75+ (not allowed to say) into our little boat and onto the Rollobay flats to do some bar clamming….They had a amazing time and we had just as good of time entertaining them….Another big day planned today hope all goes well!


Capt Darren

PEI Adventures

Hey Everyone,


Summer is finally here and were are all geared up for our summer of FUN!…We just finished up a great lobster season , the best for us in history ….The conditions were great this year there was lots of lobster out there!….Our bar clamming adventures begin on Thursday and we are super excited to begin!….The weather is gonna be great this year and were are looking like we are gonna be super busy this year so we hope mother nature works with us !…. The bluefin tuna are here already , which is great for all the anglers who are gonna makin there way here later in the summer!….Anyways hope everyone has a GREAT summer and if your looking for something do do where you come to Prince Edward Island …check us out!


Captain Darren

Lobster Season 2012

The 2012 Lobster season is entering day four and things are looking good so far….The season has started of with catches being good but not big the start everyone was looking for , hopefully we will get a good price?….Unlike when you buy a new car you know what you pay for it when you leave the car lot we have no idea what we are getting for our lobsters and will not find out until next weds when we get our first check?….That is the way our lobster fishery work in the maritimes, doesn’t make any sense to me and it has been the same for years…last years we got 3 bucks for our lobster at the start , not sure why the buyers get them for that and the consumers have to pay 10-15 dollars a pound …I think I would like to start buying LOL….It is four in the morning and just getting ready to take of andI just thought I would let everyone know that the season is underway.



Lobster Season

In just two short week the 2012 lobster season will have begun and I would say that all the traps will be fishing by this point in the day. The Prince Edward Island lobster season is a two month season that is a free for all type of season ….. We are allowed to catch as many as we can in the two month season , it usually is about 53 hauls (hauling all 300 traps daily) for the season ….weather is usually a huge factor as well with us losing a total of seven days because of in climate weather during the season of 2011… there was also a lot of east wind which cools the water temp and the lobsters stop traveling and feeding so the season was not as good as others….Paradise on the Sea Adventures will be offering a fully interactive and hands on adventure for the 2012 season….So book early and be sure you have a spot either during the lobster season or one of our adventures during the summer months….Till then keep your lines wet!

Capt. Darren