We went on a few whale watching tours so far this year and the last few have been very successful , we seen lots of whales up feeding around the herring boats …. Our clients have been very excited to see these large (1500-2000 lbs) up feeding ….we have also been able to catch some mackerel and cook them up for our clients….we are now operating out of North Lake …..So sign up today for a tour as they may not be around long …..Thanks


Capt. Darren

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Great Summer

We are on the home stretch now , with only two weeks left in the summer make sure you book a adventure with us !….Once again our bar clamming tour has been a hit !….We had a very busy summer at the clamming , some days we had to make two runs and even one day we had to rent another boat 🙂 We are also very pleased with all the reviews we recieved on trip advisor and would like to thank everyone for taking the time to write them …..We are getting ready for our whale watching and tuna charters in September so book early to guarantee your spot ….Enjoy the rest of your summer and maybe we might see you on the water !



Bar Clamming

Our bar clamming adventure has become a huge hit to say the least . We offer a complete to that keeps the adults and the kids busy for close to five hours ! There is so much to see and do and you will be very impressed with our tour . The kids seem to love the deep sea fishing portion of the trip and the adults love pulling the huge clams out of the sand and everyone loves seeing the seals . Things are becoming very busy so book early and guarantee your spot with Paradise On The Sea Adventures .


Capt Darren

Summer Heat

We have enjoyed a couple great weeks on the water ….Have allot of nice people from across this land and some from the US….We have had some of the best clamming we have ever seen and the mackerel have been biting fast and furious ….but the heat has been out of this world ,33 the other day and the water was even 22.5 which is just like bath water …. Things are starting to get booked up in the next couple weeks so make sure you book early ….You dont want to miss out on one of out great adventures !….Stay tuned we are starting our Tuna charters in the next couple weeks , should be lots of fun!


Capt Darren

First Week of Clamming

Wow what a great week of bar clamming we had ….Had lots of people from all across this beautiful country and had several people from United States…..The mackerel fishing is out of this world , never seen so many ….. lots of seals around this year and the clamming is unreal !…. We struggled a little bit on the first day but still managed to get close to a pan but the last day out there were lots of holes and the visibility was great so the fishing was great …..The water is 19 degrees which is awesome and there has been very little wind so our clients have had LOTS of fun on Prince Edward Island….. We have received a very nice review from one of our familys from Ontario that enjoyed there visit to us ….. Getting close to being booked up for this week coming up so call early and come have some fun with us this summer !

See you Soon!