Lobster Season

In just two short week the 2012 lobster season will have begun and I would say that all the traps will be fishing by this point in the day. The Prince Edward Island lobster season is a two month season that is a free for all type of season ….. We are allowed to catch as many as we can in the two month season , it usually is about 53 hauls (hauling all 300 traps daily) for the season ….weather is usually a huge factor as well with us losing a total of seven days because of in climate weather during the season of 2011… there was also a lot of east wind which cools the water temp and the lobsters stop traveling and feeding so the season was not as good as others….Paradise on the Sea Adventures will be offering a fully interactive and hands on adventure for the 2012 season….So book early and be sure you have a spot either during the lobster season or one of our adventures during the summer months….Till then keep your lines wet!

Capt. Darren

Lobster Fishing Adventure

Paradise on the Sea Adventures has package that begins in a months time so book now and don’t miss out!… Our commercial lobster season begins on Pei on May 1st and runs for two months …. at which time I hire another man to come on board my vessel to help me set and haul all 300 of my pots each day for ten weeks …. last season I had a lot of interest in people who wanted to come on board and to see what it is like to be a fisherman…. first not planning on doing tours during the lobster season I decided to start taking clients out to show them how we caught and process the atlantic lobster … It turned out to be a huge hit and all of my clients really enjoyed themselves and most said they would be back… So don’t miss out and book early for the 2011 season!!!

Bar Clamming

We are not just about the Tuna Fishing as you might think when you see our domain name…. the Tuna fishing is a huge part of our outdoor adventure business but this is just one of the many things we do at “Paradise on the Sea Adventures”…. We are one of the finest charter business on Prince Edward Island and are very diversified in the fact that we start out our season with our “Lobster Fishing Adventure” in may and June ….this adventure allows you to jumping right in and become a true east coast fisherman…. This package was not offered in 2011 but because of a lot of interest we decided to make it apart of our adventure in the summer of 2012…. after the commercial lobster season finishes up the bar clamming season begin in the first week of July…. the bar clamming is become a huge hit on Prince Edward Island and was our most popular tour in the summer of 2011… this was very popular among our families, we had one tour last summer where we had a seven and a seventy two year old in the water at one time !….We also have the option to add oysters to our bar clamming package… we are very lucky to have one of the best oyster farm in Canada on our doorstep “Colville Bay Oysters” so we usually take some along for everyone to try … if you are a oyster lover then this adventure is for you!!!….In September when the kids head back to school we usually get the big kids to come back to hook one or two Giant Bluefin tuna that swim in our waters….Paradise on the Sea adventures offer so much so if you are coming to the Island please check us out and we will make some memories for you !    Cheers

2012 Adventure

If you are thinking of coming to Prince Edward Island this summer than make the trip up east to Souris and check us out …. you will not be disappointed!!!… we start the season of with a Lobster fishing adventure in May and June that entails lots of hand on and educational about how the lobster fishery works on PEI….might even try a few to see how they taste?…. When the sunny days of July hit we begin our Clamming season … this was a huge hit in the summer with many saying there would return….this adventure we sample many of the species of the wonderful shellfish that inhabit our beautiful waters including clams, oysters, mussels and get a educational on all of them…. Usually around the end of July the Bluefin tuna show up in our waters until the end of Oct…if your not familiar with the Bluefin Tuna , there without a doubt the most powerful and number one game fish in the waters!… they grow to be a large as 1500lbs (record 1496 caught of North Lake ) … If you enjoy sport fishing or just anything exhilarating in general then you must come to Prince Edward Island and try a Giant Bluefin Tuna!!! …Check some of my videos out http://www.youtube.com/user/peitunafishin?feature=mhee

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Thank you to Kenny at Higher Design for creating this new and exciting web page about Blue fin tuna charters , Bar Clamming adventures , Lobster fishing excursions on PEI.  We are a charter fishing business in eastern PEI fishing out of Souris for most of the summer and we move over to North Lake when the Bar clammers go back home and the Tuna fisherman flock from around the world for the once in a lifetime opportunity to catch a giant Bluefin tuna . We also take people out lobster fishing with us during the lobster season in May and June… a hands on adventure…. Please check my new page out and “like ” it and share it with friends and family…. thanks and keep your hooks Wet!!!!